Let's Just Say It As It Is, No Bullshit.

Let's Just Say It As It Is, No Bullshit.


Its All About Those Moments

Showing The Personal Side

I know that there are not too many bloggers out there who have personal pictures on their pages. I think it's for the reason that they like to keep to themselves and don't want others to know who exactly they are. It's possible that these bloggers feel invaded and it wouldn't be the same if others knew who they are. It wouldn't be the same for the blogger to give that much info on themselves. 

To me that's fine, and I completely respect that, but I don't have anything to hide and I think after this weekend, I won't have anything to hide anyway, right? It's going to be workout time on Tuesday and those who are into my blog and on YouTube, You'll all see me; up close and personal. 

So why not tell a little story of my life with some pics and to make things feel as if we're all family. If your here for the long term, then why not? From the workout schedule and the fun once a week body butter, or body scrub making session; we have a lot to do and there is always something going on here. 

It's got what we all need and I am not going to put it here if it's bullshit, and I don't believe in what I am including on this page. Everything is true and not made up, and if there is some advice that will be helpful towards what this blog is all about; Mom's and struggles, and being heavy, exhausted, children, whatever it is, must be advised on these issues. What is on your mind, maybe helpful ways to make extra cash and raise your kids? Anything that would benefit moms. 

Everyone needs someone they can trust and rely on. 

It's not easy being a woman, and mom, and the provider, the protector, and the educator. We have to be at times all these things at once, and it's not easy. 

That's why this page is here, and it's here to say that you are not alone out there. 

No matter the issue, the bump in the road, there is this page to come to and say what you need to. Find the answers to those questions or just chat and tell your story. 

We all need something in our lives to reach out to and for it to reach back.