Let's Just Say It As It Is, No Bullshit.

Let's Just Say It As It Is, No Bullshit.



Pretty picture of myself.
Pretty picture of myself.

Welcome, everyone. I am the single mom behind this great page, and it's funny how the world is run, with all the BS going on...

    I thought that I was going to do a page on mothers and be a friend for advice or whatever. Share a couple of stories and all is well. Yeah! That didn't go as planned. Nobody wants to hear about that stuff anymore. 

    I guess we're in a stage on our planet where people want to hear the bullshit that is filling our homes through media and gossip. It's not hard to do, since it's everywhere you go. It's on everything we read. People are always talking. they can't shut their mouths and keep secrets. Come on! Their people, and that's what they do best. And that's what the guys in suits want you to do too, keep talking, pass on the bullshit. 

    Let the people pass on the news and if it's not true, who is going to know? Nobody but the guys in the suits. It's true people. We are only told things that will not really stir the pile and we won't cause chaos. It's what they decided and forced us to believe because that's what they do. They manipulate and brainwash everyone into believing things that are not true, or things that didn't happen; like the famous cover-up conspiracies that they all do best. 

But, you get the idea of where this page is going. It's going to be something you really don't want to miss out on. I have done the research and I turned up the leaves to make sure you get the truth, so it's not a bunch of bullshit. Honestly, I have done so much reading and opened a lot of things that I shouldn't be discussing and I hope I don't go missing for leaking out what you are going to read. Seriously. Don't take what I write here for a load of bull people. It's all true and I think you should know.

Make sure you leave comments and say what you feel. Don't hold back, I'm not one to judge. Well, only if I think you full of shit, then I'll do my homework. So, let's get this party started and enjoy your new reading. 

In The Details

12 Feb 2021
here is a peek into the Barebones T-Shirt Hub
here is a peek into the Barebones T-Shirt Hub

Check Out These Amazing Trends

The items here are from my personal online business called "Barebones T-Shirt Hub".  It's one of my side gigs that I just started up and hopefully, it catches. It's unique and has a lot of badasses put into all the graphics that usually nobody will find anywhere. I wanted a line of clothing and apparel that had an attitude and wasn't boring or expensive like these other big shot companies. It has a little of everything; from men's shoes, women's shoes and heels, bathroom apparel, t-shirts, yoga leggings, sweaters, pullover hoodies, zipper hoodies, shirt dresses, tank tops for both guys and gals, joggers, personal lamps, tote bags, 4 in 1 origami tote bags, duffle bags, and I'm always working on other things, trying to keep those interested in my trend coming back for more. 

It's not easy being a full-time mom, being captive in her own home from this COVID-19 bullshit. Putting up with the furry family members who are getting restless as well; due to the cold weather, I have not let them out, and they are not happy. Also, I have this blog, my online business, and I am writing a book too. It's called " WOLVES AMONG THE SHEEP"  I'm sure I don't have to explain that title? It says a lot and will say a lot. I bug my friend that because of its contents and who it all mentions and what is going on in the world, if I ever go missing, to check out the dudes in the black suits. (You know like the Smith's in Matrix) I have been busy with a lot of things and I realized one day, that I don't even have my own fuck'n time. 

I am always running for my child, or cleaning, or figuring out the finances, and feeding the pets, keeping things up to date in my store, and making dinner, then whatever else I seem to have to do all the time. It's a crazy person circle, and it's always about my children and my furry children, and never about me. I have a lot on my plate and I want to make sure that my children never have to go without or see me struggle to make ends meet. I think that's the worst of my fears. 

I try every day to provide and be the mom that I never had, and it's not fuck'n easy, is it ladies? I'm sure a lot of you understand where I am coming from when I say that? Mom's are amazing, I should say, "some moms are amazing". I don't know what it's like to have a real biological parent raise me, but the best I had did their best, and they are not here anymore. I passed from cancer and I think the other one passed cuz of a broken heart. He wasn't sick or anything, just old, and lonely. That's sad hey everyone? 

I don't want to bum anyone out here, and I'm blabbering on. I want all of you to check out my store and if you guys are interested in the workout thing, please let me know. 

Thanks, everyone for the support and the attention, makes me feel good that I am not alone out there, and that there are real mom's out there, not these fuck'n  I'M SO PERFECT, I DON'T NEED TO WORK, I JUST HAVE TO LOOK GOOD AND HAVE NO RESPECT FOR MYSELF BULLSHIT". Hey moms? You know who I am talking about right? I just fuck'n can't stand those mom's and I would like to toss them in a box and ship them all off to Antarctica or something. 

Your all beautiful, and amazing. Keep that in your minds, don't listen to stupidity and liars, because that's all they are. Doesn't matter big or small, black or white, or green, or purple. Women brought men into this world, don't let them boss you around and make you feel like shit. We rule this fucked up planet and we deserve to have good lives and maybe a hot neighbor. 

Chow for now, come back to get some juicy info on the best news around. Plus, I have a lot to say, and I have some working out to do soon. Hope to have some company on that journey? And don't forget to buy a t-shirt or two or three. It does go for a good reason and plus, they are funny as hell. Support the damn cause people. I dare you. Just kidding, I'm not that much of an asshole. Great items and lots to find. Come on and visit my store. You might just like it. 🤩